About Mama's Herb

About Mama's Herb

Welcome to the world of holistic health and wellness. Mama’s Herb herbal formulations relies on ancient wisdom, including the highest-quality vitamins, homeopathic, organic and natural skin care products that are vegan and cruelty-free.
Our holistic approach provides new ways to relieve stress, boost the immune system, get better sleep, clearing acne, lower cholesterol and increase fertility. We ensure that our products only contain the ingredients that you want, and nothing that you don’t want—like soy, parabens, phthalates, PEGs and, sulfates.
We have it all; capsules, tinctures(liquid), skin products and baby products! mama loves the babies too!!


Our Mission:

Our mission is to offer highest value of health and wellness products to our customers around the world. Our goal is to make this world a healthier place for everyone. Our products will help you to get a step ahead. We BELIEVE and TRUST in what nature has for us.


Our Values

Every product we manufacture is governed by five core values:

• Commitment

We are committed to ensure excellence, deliver best results, and continuously improve and grow. We focus on solely on customers health and ways to promote healthy living. We believe the process and we believe the outcome. We stand by our products.

• Wisdom

We carefully consider the effects of our choices before making them. Our formulations rely on the ancient wisdom and homeopathic solutions. All products are handmade, made with passion and from love.

• Eco-consciousness

Our products are eco-friendly. We ensure that our products contain no parabens, soy, phthalates, PEGs, sulfates and are cruelty-free. Using the best of what The Most High provides, all products are made from natural, organic, and raw materials

• Quality

We don’t compromise on quality. All of our products are made of hard-to-find herbs and highest quality of butters and vitamins. All products and ingredients used are from thoroughly researched and trustworthy vendors. All butters and oils are heated at precise low temperatures to preserve the properties of the plant.

• Community

We aim to give something to our community…The world is our community. We are devoted to our mother earth and working hard to make it a healthier place for everyone.


 Meet the Founder 


I'm Rosalee Dobbs. Founder of the Mama’s Herb, holistic and natural herb supplement Advisor, and lover of the Nature. I’ve been on this journey for over 10 years, and working to share my love for nature with you in a fun, purposeful, and fulfilling way. I finally created Mama’s Herb in 2011 after facing an issue of Chronic constipation—can you relate? In fact, the shift into “being my own boss” was full of ups and downs:

Long hours spent in painful time with friends and family, desperately trying to convince them that I can’t go out.

Half-finished products.

About to go in an emergency room.

Quick-fix medicines not working…

And no business at all, then I realized that I had to do something to cure it.

So, I took a final stand, “I should make herbal solutions to this problem

I discovered that curing my problem was NOT at odds with helping others cure theirs. I’m able to do this, because at Mama’s herb, I make what I know. Taking care of your health and helping you to get the life you’ve always wanted is what I live for. My mission is to inspire you and give you the herbal solutions you need to take care of yourselves.

By reading this, you’ve proven that you’re willing to live a healthy life. Just stay confident that every bit of product you buy and money you invest at Mama’s Herb will pay off 100x.